w h e r e i s m y m i n d ?

way o u t in the water.


♪ ☆ ♫ ★ ♪


r y u

hello! ryu here ❤
I am 17 years old, and I live in Denmark and I am studying as designer. I've had a LJ for quite a long time now. yeah, you shouldn't believe that, since I really don't have that many friends here on LJ. but hey! I search for friends, and you are always welcome! SO PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT IN MY FO POST. IF YOU'RE A STRANGER, AND DOES NOT LEAVE A COMMENT, I WON'T ADD YOU BACK, that's just the way the cookie crumbles. ... wait what?

what you can read about in this journal!

★ fashion
☆ jrock
★ feelings
☆ jfashion
☆ food
★ inside jokes
☆ porn
★ very random stuff
☆ kishidan
★ random pictures
☆ ice coffee ❤
★ shopping
☆ danish talk
★ sexy girls
☆ eastern promises
★ the lord of the rings

about my friends only:

as I said before, I won't add you back, if you don't leave a comment in my FO post. it's not there just because of fun, I actually mean it. I check the journals + profile before I add the person back so I won't have any persons I don't WANT to read my journal. but remember, I am very open and welcomming, so if you just leave a comment saying something like "hey, we share some interest, would you be my friend? :D" I will add you back!
I read all the entries on my friends-page, and I like commenting on things! ❤

thanks to:

minty_peach for the layout sheet. ❤ minty_peach for making this profile table!
and of course my dear friend tene! she made my first totally awesome layout ❤
I made the header on my layout by myself. I am not the best at photoshopping and not the best at these HTML codes, but I really like my layout now! also credits to crackified for making the gorgeous angelina jolie mood theme that I use!

t h e e n d

s m a l l w o r l d

walking in the wind

walking in the future

walking in the wind

...with you and me ❤